Success Story: Michael Brogan

Mike Brogan, who now serves on the board of directors of Dismas House of Kansas City, arrived at Dismas’ doors in 1973, the second year of its operation in Kansas City when it had residential facilities at 30th and Campbell. He had been released from prison and been given a new chance for some new choices.

Brogan, who admits, “…[I spent] one fourth of my life behind bars or in reform school before I was 20 years old,” is the author of, Pulling No Punches (Publish America). “I could have gone to Dismas House in St. Louis or Kansas City. One of the best choices I ever made was to come to Kansas City,” Brogan said. “You can pull your punches in life and think you can get by with having a few drinks or doing some drugs,” he said in an interview, “but if you pull your punches in life, you will lose out. You have to make the right choices to go in the right direction. I made some bad choices years ago and got under the wrong influence with the wrong people.”

While living at Dismas, Mike worked with youth at the Jackson County Juvenile Court Detention Center. The young people related to him and he to them. After leaving Dismas, he enrolled in classes at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Park College (now University) and eventually earned a degree in biblical counseling from the Christian Bible College and Seminary in Independence, Mo. In 1981 he was ordained a Baptist minister.

Today Rev. Brogan lives in New Providence, Iowa, and is associate chaplain for the Iowa State Training School for Boys, which is the last stop for teen-agers before going to a state prison. He speaks regularly to youth groups and church audiences, giving his personal testimony and telling how a faith-based philosophy can turn one’s life from wrong to right. He has pastored five churches in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

At 61, Mike is happily married to Diane, his wife of 18 years, with whom he is raising two children and five grandchildren, 3 to 17 years old. He has 10 children, 20 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He stays in touch with all of them. His book is in libraries, bookstores and institutions across the country.